Vinyl Patio Doors

Custom Vinyl Patio Doors for Your Home in Kansas City, MO

Vinyl patio doors are a budget-friendly – yet high-performance – option for Kansas City area homeowners.

Whether you are replacing an existing patio door, or remodeling your home to make room for a patio, Bordner’s patio door experts can help you select the right vinyl patio door, and provide high-quality installation. Bordner installs high-efficiency vinyl patio doors that are as beautiful as they are efficient and maintenance-free. Manufactured with high-quality hardware, PVC vinyl, and tempered glass, these patio doors will perform well and add value to your home for decades to come.

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Kansas City’s Source for Vinyl Patio Doors

Our team of seasoned professionals installs vinyl patio doors with an unparalleled level of care and expertise.

Vinyl Patio Door Features

Bordner’s high-quality vinyl patio doors are crafted in the United States by Vinylmax. In addition to standard two- or three-panel patio doors, your patio door can be custom designed and manufactured to include fixed panels and over-the-door transoms that provide spacious views of your property, yard, deck, patio or courtyard.

Vinyl patio doors installed by Bordner include:

  • Fusion-welded frame that will not crack or pull-apart
  • Double-paned insulated tempered glass that is efficient and durable
  • Full Interlock system and double weather-stripping that protect your home against drafts and the weather
  • Reinforced rails that prevent your door from warping or twisting
  • Rolling screen door with fiberglass mesh
  • Optional features such as a heavy-duty screen, brass handle, toe lock, key lock and high-efficiency IntelliGlass glaze
  • A variety of finish, color and grid options to match your style and other vinyl window products installed in your home
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
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