Residential Solar Panels

Residential Solar Panels in Kansas City

Highly skilled teams of roofers and solar technicians.

Bordner® Home Improvement is proud to partner with Energy One Renewables to provide residential solar solutions in Kansas City, Missouri, and surrounding communities. A solar panel installation on your Kansas City home comes with many potential benefits.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of non-renewable energies, going solar is a great way to minimize your carbon footprint. A new solar energy system can also reduce utility costs, further minimizing your expenses in the long run. Our staff works closely with you to find that all important balance between convenience and cost-effective power consumption.

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Professional Solar Panel Installation for Your Kansas City Home

Solar solutions that last a lifetime.

Bordner® and The Solar Guys have the know- how to expertly handle a solar panel installation of any size or scope. Our team of solar panel installers is comprised of well- trained, certified roofers and electricians. Each group works in stages to ensure that your new panels are installed quickly, seamlessly, and without incident or damage. When you are ready to make the leap to a solar powered home, reach out for a free consultation, and we’ll be happy to go over the following advantages:

  • Reducing or eliminating your energy bills
  • Earning potential tax credits or benefits
  • Reducing the need of traditional coal or natural gas for electricity
  • Improving grid security by mitigating the effects of blackouts

Bordner® and Energy One Renewables are here to make sure your roof-mounted solar panels are working as efficiently as possible. We install, maintain and repair the highest quality solar voltaic systems.

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Bordner offers financing options to help take care of your home improvement needs. Explore your options below.

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