Ground Mount Solar Panels

Ground Mount Solar Panels for Kansas City Homeowners

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When it comes to designing a solar panel array that will generate the most electricity possible, the biggest factor is, of course, maximizing sun exposure. This means that roof mounted solar panels are not always the best solution, especially if your roof receives a lot of shade throughout the day. Ground-mounted panels eliminate this issue because they can be pointed in the optimal direction for sun exposure.

Bordner® Home Improvement is proud to partner with The Solar Guys to provide ground-mounted solar solutions in Kansas City, Missouri, and surrounding communities. We’ll help you select the right solar solution for your home or business, installing and maintaining your system as if it were our own.

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Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Installation for Your Kansas City Home or Business

Solar solutions that last a lifetime.

Is it possible that your rooftop isn’t the ideal location for your solar panels? Perhaps your roof is in complete shade for most of the day. Or maybe you want to take advantage of all the benefits of solar energy despite having a roof made of materials that aren’t ideal for solar panels, such as slate. At Bordner® and The Solar Guys, we have highly skilled solar technicians, ensuring that you receive the best quality work possible. Adding ground-mounted solar panels to your home or business offer many advantages over rooftop installations, including:

  • Perfect Sunshine Alignment: Ground-mounted panels eliminate the issue of sun exposure because they can be pointed in the optimal direction.
  • No Roof Restrictions: Rooftop panels are restricted by the size of your roof, potentially reducing the amount of solar energy you’ll be able to generate.
  • No Weight Restrictions: Depending on your home or business, the building materials may not be able to support the weight of rooftop solar panels.

Bordner® and The Solar Guys are here to make sure your solar energy system is working as efficiently as possible. We install, maintain and repair the highest quality solar voltaic systems.

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When you choose Bordner® over the other roofing contractors in the Kansas City area, you’ll be paired with a project manager who will serve as your point of contact throughout the duration of your roofing project.

Unlike some other contractors we emphasize exceptional service, so someone will always be available to answer any questions you have, keeping you informed every step of the way. To learn more contact Bordner® at (816) 358-2102 today.

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Bordner is a very professional company from the sales staff & office staff to the install crews. They retain very knowledgeable and skilled tradesmen to do the work and they showed up when they said they would.

The work was done right the first time and the warranty is just an added bonus. Thanks to all the people who worked on our projects!

Josh C.


We did a complete roof preventive maintenance make over — Bordner was great to work with. No salespeople – they are all professionals in their roles. We always received full disclosures, updates and notifications. We felt very well informed from the whole team. The work was done on-schedule and the clean up was very thorough — not a scrape left behind for us to clean up.


I contracted with Bordner to install a new roof on a home I am selling. I was very pleased with the workmanship and time it took them to complete the job (it only took them about four and a half hours).

They stand behind their work, their promises & are one of the most widely respected companies in the Kansas City area. I highly recommend Bordner Home Improvement.

Lonnie C.

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