Fiberglass Patio Doors

Fiberglass Patio Doors for Your Home in Kansas City

Bordner’s installation experts will make sure your new door is installed quickly and perfectly.

For bringing the beauty of the outdoors indoors, there’s nothing quite like the expansiveness of a patio door that looks out to your lawn, deck, pool or courtyard. Whether you’re replacing an existing patio door or remodeling your home to make room for a patio door, Bordner’s installation experts will make sure your new door is installed quickly and perfectly. Plus, our phased approach to home installation projects will allow your life to go on undisturbed during the process.

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Fiberglass Patio Doors for Kansas City Homes

High-quality fiberglass patio door products.

In the Kansas City area, Bordner is the sole provider of Infinity® and Integrity® patio doors from Marvin. These high-efficiency, long-lasting doors are manufactured using Ultrex® fiberglass, which is up to eight times stronger than other door materials, such as vinyl and composite wood.

Infinity® and Integrity® patio doors installed by Bordner also feature:

  • Heavy frame top-hung screens that glide easily
  • Optional footbolts for added security
  • Multi-point locking hardware systems

Fiberglass Patio Door Design Options

While Infinity® and Integrity® patio doors are more efficient and durable than other patio doors, they also provide a wide variety of design options, including:

  • Six popular exterior color finishes, which can also be painted over
  • A natural wood interior finish (which can be stained to match your home’s interior), or a paintable white pre-finish
  • High-quality hardware in a variety of finishes
  • Available grille patterns that simulate the appearance of multiple-pane doors

Bordner also provides Infinity® and Integrity® patio doors in a variety of configurations, including Sliding French and Patio doors, and Swinging French doors.

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