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Energy Storage Solutions for Kansas City, MO Homeowners

Highly skilled teams of roofers and solar technicians.

Bordner® Home Improvement is proud to partner with Energy One Renewables to provide solar solutions in Kansas City, Missouri, and surrounding communities. If you’re ready to lower your monthly power bill with a clean and efficient solar power solution, you can turn to Bordner and The Solar Guys for quality service, backed by decades of experience in the industry. We’ll help you select the right solar solution for your home or business, installing and maintaining your system as if it were our own.

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Solar Energy Storage Solutions for Kansas City Homes & Businesses

Solar solutions that last a lifetime.

Bordner® and Energy One Renewables have designed, engineered, and assembled solar energy solutions for customers throughout Kansas City. Our solutions are custom- designed to handle your power consumption needs, whether your goal is to go off-grid or to have a backup system in place for outages. Our solar panels can be installed on the roof of your building, or in virtually any out of the way location.

When you choose Bordner® and Energy One Renewables to assist with your solar energy storage needs, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Reducing or eliminating your energy bills
  • Backup power during emergencies
  • Off-grid power sources for isolated locations
  • Improving grid security by mitigating the effects of blackouts

Bordner® and Energy One Renewables are here to make sure your Solar system is working as efficiently as possible. We install, maintain and repair the highest quality solar voltaic systems.

Give your Kansas City home or business the technology it needs to remain operational in any conditions with our solar solutions. Schedule a free consultation. Bordner® representatives will be happy to go over your options for solar energy in Kansas City.

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