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Have a remodeling tip you’d like to share? Want to learn more about a specific area of roofing? Think we could stand to explore a bit more about home weatherization? Here at Bordner, we truly appreciate feedback from our customers. So tell us what we can do to improve, what do you think about our latest blog posts or even simply what would you like to see more of. After all, this blog was initially created with the hopes of creating dialogue with our friends and customers and sharing information. So join in the conversation and tell us what’s on your mind! Don’t know how to leave a comment on a blog post? It’s easy: from the home page, click on the title of the particular post you’re reading, e.g. “Enjoy Museum Day in Missouri”.   This will take you off of the home page and to the post. At the bottom of the post is an area called “Speak Your Mind” where you can leave your comment. Just fill out the gray boxes with your information and submit.
And that’s all it takes to make your voice heard!
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