What Does My Warranty Cover?


Wait a minute, warranties? Most people think peace treaties and solving the DaVinci Code are less daunting than their home improvement warranties. We want to solve this problem by explaining warranties for you.

A major part of Bordner Home Improvement’s relationship-focused and results-driven work ethic, is to back our proven craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty. To us, it just makes sense to offer you continual peace of mind after the project is done. It all starts before you sign off on that install you want, so we are here to help you keep your warranty from being a mystery and on to a pleasant experience.

In this post we will explain:

~ The difference between the two main warranty types

~ The “small print” (aka: Terms and Definitions)

~ What your warranty really covers

~ Our registration and claim processes

Warranty Types

“A consumer warranty is best described as a guarantee made by the seller of a given product ensuring a certain level of quality and reliability.” – FindLaw.org

A warranty is a written guarantee regarding the condition of a product or service. There are actually two types of warranty you need on your home projects, one part offered by the manufacturer and the other by the contractor. 

The Manufacturer Warranty is designed to ensure that all parts and materials are defect free. 

A Workmanship Warranty covers the labor to ensure your installation meets the highest standards. 

Each warranty is based on the expected life span of the product and should give you a sense of how much confidence both the contractor and manufacturer have in their skill. 

Want to know what that contractor thinks of themselves? Ask your contractor or sales representative for a copy of all warranty documentation before signing a contract. If they resist, it is not a good sign. 

This could be the reason that the 1995 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act was passed, requiring businesses to make all warranty documents available to clients in detail before purchase.

As you come to understand the contractor’s warranty, remember a warranty is only as good as the company behind it. Factors like how long the company has been in business, customer reviews on their work or product, and how they have dealt with previous claims will affect the viability of their warranty. BBB is a great source to vet how a company has handled previous claims.  

Bordner has served the Kansas City metro for more than 30 years and we only work with well established manufacturers who stand behind their products. We have our own service and warranty department to take care of any warranty claims or issues that arise.

The Small Print

It’s amazing how fast the “Small Print” in a warranty today turns into problems years down the road. Many associate “Terms and Conditions” with wordy, legal jargon designed to confuse the average consumer. 

Don’t be average. Be an educated consumer. 

Your written warranty document should contain a clear description of your obligations and benefits that come with your warranty. 

You will need to know:

  1. When the warranty expires
  2. How the manufacturer or contracter will correct warranty issues
  3. Who to contact for service should you need it

Always ask for precise definitions of key terms. Most legal documents begin by defining precisely who or what is referenced by certain terms. It will delineate what is meant by normal “wear and tear”, policy start and end dates, who “warrantor” and “guarantor” are and what they are each responsible for. It should also define times frames such as “lifetime” to a specific number of years.

The main body of the policy presents generic information about the policy. It should give specifics about what is covered, such as an itemized list of parts with timelines for life expectancy. It should provide links and clear instructions for how to enact a claim. 

It must also include any limitations or exclusions that are not covered, such as modification of the product or damage caused from abnormal use. Circumstances that can avert coverage should be listed as well, such as “Acts of God” which are generally considered to be an issue for insurance rather than a warranty. 

What Does My Bordner Warranty Cover?

Every Bordner project gets our Bordner Home Improvement Workmanship Warranty which covers the labor to ensure your installation meets the highest standards.

Bordner’s warranty is careful to define key terms clearly, such as:

  • Lifetime warranty: Term equals 50 years. 

I.e. If you own the home for 50 years you keep that warranty the whole time. To transfer the warranty, the new owner will need to submit ownership documents to receive the remainder of the warranty, but with a maximum of five years. 

  • Faulty workmanship: Work that does not comply with applicable building codes regulating construction in the area. Note: A 3rd party inspection by governmental jurisdiction will provide evidence of compliance. 

I.e. If incorrect materials, standards, or measurements are used. Such as using the incorrect nails or nail placement on shingles. Improper substrate paneling behind a bathroom surround.

  • Latent Defect: A defect that is not apparent at the time of customer’s inspection, but which becomes apparent and of which the contractor is notified in writing within the applicable warranty period. Note: If a latent defect occurs in an item that is covered by this Limited Warranty, the Warrantor will repair, replace the item. 

I.e. If a window pane comes loose from inaccurate framing or siding that deteriorates unproportionately to wear and tear. 

No other home improvement contractor in the area has a 50 year lifetime workmanship warranty. You can check ours against any other company in the Kansas City Metro, we dare you. Any company claiming to rival our lifetime warranty is speaking about their manufacturer warranty, not craftsmanship. 

Below is a breakdown of Bordner’s Craftsmanship Warranty coverage by product. Notice the exceptions are clearly listed, such as for joint sealer and caulking. Both of which have limited life expectancy due to their structure. Trust me, we look forward to scientific methods for producing joint sealer and caulking that are proven to last a lifetime as well. However, until then we are bound by physics.  

How Do I Register My Warranty?

Any project you trust Bordner with will have the Workmanship Warranty automatically activated. The moment you sign your contract you are entitled to everything it offers. 

As mentioned above, we only work with high quality manufacturers who have proven to stand behind their products. One way they do this is to ensure all their parts and materials are defect free through Product Warranties. However, you may need to register your manufacturer warranty. Since they provide the products through contractors like Bordner, they will need to know your location and contact information in order to provide the best customer service in the future. 

At Bordner, we will register your Owens Corning Roof warranty for you. Hassle Free. At your pre-install planning meeting, we provide you with links and instructions for how to register your warranty for all other trades. Keep all warranty registration confirmation paperwork in a safe place in case you ever need to file a claim. If by chance you need to transfer the warranty with the sale of the home, you will need these documents as well. 

Links for registering your warranty: 

James Hardie: https://claims.jameshardie.com/

Marvin Infinity: https://www.infinitywindows.com/support/warranty

Privia: https://www.provia.com/warranty

Onyx: https://www.onyxcollection.com/guarantee.html

Making a Claim

This is just as important as the warranty itself: once you have it, how do you use it?

At Bordner, we give each and every one of our customers the special attention they deserve. Call our team at 816.852.3745, press 3 for the warranty department and let us know you have a concern. If possible, have photos ready of the affected area. This will speed up the warranty process.

Once your technician comes out, they will do an initial evaluation and document the damage. If the issue is obviously covered by warranty and your technician has the materials available they will complete the repairs at the initial visit. If materials need to be ordered or further investigation is necessary the technician will examine and record details about the damage. They may even need to take a sample of the damaged product for testing purposes.

Note: The manufacturer may also need to send a representative to inspect and document.

We promise to work as quickly as possible to assuage your concerns, but feel free to reach out if you have new information or questions during this process. We guarantee you will receive a response within ONE business day of contacting our team at Bordner Home Improvement. 

At this point once the investigation (including any tests run on product samples) is complete we will reach back out to discuss the results, options, expectations and timeframes to get your issue resolved.

  1. If the damage is within warranty coverage we will schedule a time to repair or replace the defective area. 
  2. If there is no defect in the product, and the workmanship is within the guidelines of the installation process, then the technician or consultant will provide an explanation, outlining the cause of the issue and present a free proposal to fix the damage and any additional issues. (Example: If a skylight is leaking but, the shingles pass resiliency testing and installation is proven to be up to code. Then the skylight would not be covered as part of the roofing warranty.)

If you have any additional repairs you decide to move forward with, our team will reach out to get them scheduled at this time as well.  

We hope this provides some clarity, and has been less complex than decoding ancient puzzles. Perhaps now that you understand your warranty, we can work on world peace? Or at least peace of mind knowing that your investments are safe when you choose Bordner Home Improvement. If you have any further questions please call us at 816.358.2102 or leave your comment below, and we will be happy to help you.

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