Unique Ways to Add Stone at Home

Since consumers are shelling out more money on home remodeling and improvements, you may be one of millions of Americans trying to come up with ways to add more value to your home and make it even more beautiful than it already is. There are some very unique ways to add stone both inside and outside your home for a truly unique and sophisticated look. Check out how new stone installations changed these homes featured in Residential Design + Build.
Add character and maturity to a wine cellar:

Bring nature inside with a stunning stone wall that spans the first and second floors:

A cozy porch is decorated with natural stone veneer and white trimming:

One stunning way to make a bold statement is with a stone chimney:

The variety of colors and shapes that stone provide make it possible to enjoy a brighter, more contemporary space:

Truly sophisticated homes feature stone all around and a high-class look:

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