The Unexpected Benefits of Composite Countertops

In the market for some new countertops? Before you go out and purchase panel after panel of natural stone under the impression that you’re choosing the most environmentally friendly of options, read this tidbit of info we found–you might be surprised to find out how sustainable composite products are compared to their natural counterparts. Border Installation Group encourages you to always do your research to find the most eco-friendly option when remodeling any area of your home.

Recycled surfaces are made from post-consumer and post-industrial content, thus they have a lower embodied energy than natural stone. They can be made from recycled glass, mirrors, ceramics, porcelain quarry waste, ash and natural pigments and bound with vegetable based resins. The manufacturing process for recycled countertops is very precise and produces a homogeneous, consistent and stable material. The material content is mixed together in a way to produce a nearly identical product, making replacement and matching much easier than with natural stone.

Click here to learn more from ReNest about composite materials.
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