Over-the-top: Green Roofs

While searching for a topic to write about, I came across a website that, according to its short description, discusses “green roofs” and how they benefit the environment. Since roofing hasn’t been talked about on here lately, “green roofing” seemed like a fitting theme. Time for Bordner to extol the virtues of solar panels and eco-friendly roofing materials, right?
Much to my surprise, after clicking on the site link, I discovered that “green roofing” has a more literal meaning than what I had imagined. Green roofs are environmentally friendly all right– that’s because the rooftops are made of plants!
These are also called “living roofs.” The vegetation grows upon soil held by a waterproofing membrane. This type of roof is effective at absorbing rainwater, creating habitat, insulating the home and cleaning the air by filtering pollutants.
Of course, we’ve all seen trees and plants on urban rooftops. But in residential areas? Not so common.
Here are some more pictures of living roofs. They are quite stunning! I wonder how the lawn is mowed…


Photo source: Light Bulbs; OSU; treehugger; Kerr’s Green Debate Team; Sustainable Cities Collective

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