Synthetic Stone Siding and Faux Stone


Synthetic stone siding, also known as faux stone is a manmade type of stone that closely resembles real stones. Synthetic stone siding is created by using a high-density material such as polyurethane and pouring it over real rocks to mold it. The result is a stone panel that has a natural looking shape and texture. Faux stone can also be made to look like limestone or natural round stone in varying shades to mimic the color of the actual type of stone that is being replicated. Faux stone siding comes in panels that are usually installed similar to the way that vinyl siding is installed.
There are several different types of synthetic stone siding. Below we examine a couple.

Cultured Stone

Lightweight material is used to replicate real stone by casting aggregate materials with concrete and color pigments. It has the appearance and the texture of real stone but is lightweight. It is installed by pressing the panel over a layer of mortar. The grooves between the simulated stone can be grouted the same as real stone for a natural look.

Faux Stone Veneers

Faux stone veneers are made by pouring a liquid mixture into molds where it will set up into stone-like shapes. The resulting shapes have the appearance of real stone. The stones are installed individually by setting them in mortar.

Benefits of Synthetic Stone

Synthetic stone has many benefits.

  • It is much easier to handle because it is lighter than real stones.
  • Faux stone is impact resistant and virtually maintenance free and does not need to be painted. The best way to maintain it is to hose it down a couple of times a year to remove unwanted materials such as grass clippings and dirt.
  • Synthetic stone is just as durable as real stone but more affordable.
  • It has the added benefit of increasing the insulation value of the wall it is attached to. Higher insulation values translate to increased efficiency of the homes heating and cooling system. Not only will you save money, you will be helping the environment by using less energy.

There are many options to choose from so that you can create the perfect stone look for your home. The panels and faux stones can also be used to create fake stone pillars, garden walls and other decorative items around the house and yard.
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