Sustainable Fiber Cement Siding by Certainteed

Homeowners looking to upgrade their homes often look into the option of vinyl siding. But let’s not forget about the reliability, durability and even sustainability of fiber cement siding. This versatile option can be crafted to look like wood, stucco or masonry. This makes it very easy to match existing vinyl siding on any home.
At Bordner, we trust the CertainTeed brand for our installation of fiber cement siding. And best of all, it’s sustainable because it meets Green Building Standards. Check out the details:

Green Facts:

  • Contains 50% recycled content in the form of fly ash.
  • Fly ash is a by-product of electric generation at coal-fired facilities. It has been used as an ingredient in concrete for more than 60 years. U.S. concrete suppliers routinely use fly ash in their concrete mixtures.
  • CertainTeed is committed to resource conservation:
    • Our manufacturing facilities recycle the water used in our plants, resulting in a savings of more than 2 billion gallons per year.
    • The majority of wood fiber pulp used in our fiber cement products is supplied from sustainably managed forests.
    • By using fly ash in our product, nearly 100,000 tons of this material are diverted from landfills each year. Recycling fly ash also lessens the demand for virgin materials that would require quarrying, and substitutes for materials that may be energy-intensive to create, such as Portland cement.
  • The fly ash used in CertainTeed’s fiber cement products allows the creation of a stable chemical matrix, resulting in optimum product performance.
  • The innovative use of fly ash in our formulation not only improves the strength and durability of our products, but also makes them more flexible and easy to install. At the same time, the product has retained its superior paint adherence properties.
  • This formulation has ICC Building Code approval (reference report #ESR-1668).

Are you ready to upgrade your Kansas City home to CertainTeed’s fiber cement siding? Call Bordner today at 816-303-0210 to request an estimate today!
Photo courtesy of CertainTeed

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