Is Stucco Right for Your Kansas City Home?

StuccoHome maintenance and improvement decisions can be nerve-wracking- after all, your home is probably your greatest investment! Fortunately, having a trustworthy home improvement expert at your side will decrease the stress, so you can feel confident that you are making the right choices for your Kansas City home.
At Bordner, we offer a number of home improvement services, including stucco. This classic home finishing material has been around for hundreds of years, and consists of multiple types of cement mixed with sand, water, and fiberglass fibers. That mixture comes together to create a durable, high-quality result that is impact and fire resistant, in addition to being impervious to both termites and rot. And whereas other home finishes lose their luster over time, conventional stucco actually grows harder and more durable as time progresses.
This type of exterior is almost maintenance free, making it a very popular choice for Kansas City homeowners. Could stucco work for your home? Contact our Kansas City home improvement company today to schedule a free consultation with one of our stucco experts, and find out if stucco is the right re-siding choice for you.

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