How Soon Do You Need to Repair a Hail-damaged Roof?

Earlier, we quickly ran down a few important questions when it comes to roof damage, specifically dealing with damage resulting from hail. Today we wanted to talk about that first question: “I think the recent hail storm may have damaged my roof. How quickly do I need to get it fixed?”
The first thing you should know is there’s no need to get in a panic or rush to make any decisions. Unless there has been detrimental damage to the roof, such as a breach or the destruction of a skylight, there’s no immediate danger to your or your home. Given this, it’s important to take time out to do your research and figure out exactly what sort of damage you’re dealing with and what it might cost to repair it.
Don’t let any contractor pressure you into doing the repair right away. If they are insistent about beginning work immediately, they may not have the noblest of intentions. That being said, if a hail storm passed through your area recently then it’s likely a waiting list at local roof repair contractors is about to build up quickly. So reserve a space promptly, just don’t rush into it.
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