Soltech Glass Tiles Help Heat Homes

We’re all familiar with the concept of solar panels being used to heat residential and commercial water supplies. These panels sit on top of the roof and are a great way to effectively save energy and money but are sometimes considered unsightly. The designers of the new SolTech glass roof tile system sought to solve this problem when they decided to make a product that instead of being placed on top of the roof,  is actually used as the roof itself. According to 3Rings, the layer of glass tiles are backed by a base layer of black nylon canvas that helps attract and absorb the heat from the sun. The tiles then heat a water supply that is piped into an accumulator and then eventually makes its way into the home for use.

From 3Rings:

Since the glass is UV resistant and does not erode as easily as clay or concrete, their beefed up resume is destined for success as one of the best ways to conserve and limit energy consumption by using the power of sunshine. In addition to the pleasant thought of lower energy bills and a contribution to the environment, the tiles dovetail with terra cotta tiles. This additional bit of information is most useful for those who have homes with only partial sunlight. You can tile the portions of you roof that receive the most, and leave the rest in terra cotta.

Visit SolTech today to learn more about these eco-friendly tiles!

Photo Credit: 3Rings

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