Sizing up Siding Damage

As we are in the midst of peak tornado season, it is likely that you– or somebody you know– will experience exterior home damage from this natural disaster. Roofs, windows and siding are the main elements of structure that receive a beating from storms– it doesn’t even have to be the result of a tornado.
Hail, wind and even lightning and do a number on your home siding despite it being a vertical surface. Hail damage is easy to spot on vinyl siding, as indicated by chips, cracks or holes on the boards. Wood and metal siding will simply dent but the paint surface will crack.
Siding Damage
Wind damage to siding is evident in loose boards… or missing strips altogether! The wind can also blow materials into the exterior walls, puncturing the siding.
Siding Damage
Lightning damage will leave a burn mark on the house.
Siding Damage
If you have inspected your home exterior and have discovered vinyl damage, or if you need the home inspected for you, call Bordner to replace broken, burnt or missing siding!
Photo source: Trinity Exteriors; Royalty Remodlers; Camaro5

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