Sick of Ugly Solar Panels?

Aesthetic integration is something that’s very important when it comes to areas of the home’s exterior. Often times, neighborhood homeowners associations and the like regulate various looks and styles that are allowed in a subdivision which can make it hard to implement things like solar panels. This is problematic in bringing solar panels into the mainstream, as well as prohibiting them from being properly positioned to work effectively. One Italian company Tegolasolare is working to make solar panels designs more visually integrated with traditional roofing systems. While Bordner is not affiliated with this company or their products, we thought that the concept of seamless design for this type of material is an interesting one.

From 3Rings:

By combining tradition and modernity, [Tegolasolare] has developed a roofing tile made from a red clay spray-dried ceramic mix that looks like tradition terracotta tile, but with an embedded photovoltaic panel. Italians know better than anyone the constraints of building regulations at work in historic centers, so who better to offer a solution.

Visit Tegolasolare to learn more about this innovative new roofing material.

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