Selective Stone Installations

Selective Stone InstallationsPerhaps you love the look of stone for your home but it’s not within your budget to re-face the entire structure. You can still inject a complementary swath of stone anywhere in or around the house to give it a sophisticated, updated appearance.
Upgrading certain areas with stone– whether natural, cultured or veneer– can add value to your home. Those stony spaces include fireplaces (indoor or outdoor); retaining walls, fountains and other landscaping features; partial siding; and other outdoor structures where character is desired, such as bars and benches. The material is versatile and particularly goes well with stucco and vinyl siding.
Give Bordner a call for a free estimate on what type of stone surfacing can benefit your home’s look and value. We will show you samples of stone products and provide you with the best, most affordable selection that suits your needs.

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