How to save for Greener Purchases Every Day

Living on a budget can be difficult. While making greener purchases is ideal, it can become expensive. Everything costs money and eco-friendly purchases come at premium pricing. Fortunately, the Green Guide site has some helpful tips for saving for greener purchases in theses hard economic times. Here they are:

  • Food: Buy cereal in bulk and only buy seasonal fruits if you prefer fruit with your cereal. For peanut butter, use a grinder at the store and you’ll save about $39 a year.>
  • Paper products: Switch from major brands like Charmin toilet paper and Scott paper towels to a product like Seventh Generation. This brand contains no chlorine bleach and is made with about 80 percent post-consumer waste. For office paper, try Domtar EarthChoice Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper. Print on both sides and you can cut your consumption in half!
  • Cleaning: Windex Vinegar Multisurface liquid costs around $3.99 a bottle. For annual savings of about $36, mix water and real white vinegar at $.99 a pint. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can replace a lot of household cleaners.
  • Transportation: Let’s say your car averages 20 miles per gallon. If fuel were about $2.88 per gallon, your fuel expenses in a year would be about $860. Try public transportation, car pooling, walking or biking to work. Riding your bike once a week could save you about $185 annually.
  • Energy: Three simple things- line dry your clothes, turn your thermostat down and cut some time off your shower.

In total, you could save about $1200 annually if you follow the advice from the Green Guide. Check out the Green Guide to see more tips on green living savings.

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