Roofing Trends for the Future

The roof of a house is probably the most important component of any abode. It protects us from the elements first and foremost, but a roof also regulates temperature, aids in insulation and circulates energy. Function over form, right?
That said, we like a roof to look stylish– if we didn’t care about the aesthetics of a roof, we’d cover up leaks and damage by ourselves using tarp and leave it at that. As with any element of home design, roofing undergoes changes in trends. Environmentally friendly is the buzz term surrounding roofing systems now. Presently, two types of shingles are rising in popularity: white, and solar.
White shingles provide optimal temperature regulation thus saving money on overall energy use within the home. And while white shingles are cost-efficient, as well as beautiful, keep in mind that streaks would be easily visible, whereas shingles that are darker in color won’t show marks.
Solar-powered shingles are another cost-effective roofing option. They are used in conjunction with your regular roofing, installed every five or six rows. Shingles that conduct solar energy are a little more expensive than traditional shingles; however, [they] are becoming more mainstream and, therefore, the price of materials will decrease over time.
Bordner can help consult you on what roofing works best for your environment and budget.
Photo source: Re-Nest; 1BOG

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