Is Roof Damage Covered by Insurance Agencies?

Over the past few weeks, Bordner ran down a few important questions when it comes to roof damage, specifically dealing with damage resulting from hail. One of the questions that we often receive from folks is, “will my insurance agency pay to replace my damaged roof?” Well here’s the answer in a nutshell: usually.
From Bordner:

If you had hail at your home, your roof may be damaged and you’ll need to call your insurance company.  They will send someone to inspect your roof.  The good news is that – in most cases – homeowner’s insurance does cover hail damage. Proper assessment of damage and a restoration plan by a reputable roofing contractor like Bordner can help you obtain insurance coverage.

If your roof has recently sustained hail damaged and you need a reputable certified contractor to give you an estimate for insurance purposes, contact Bordner today. And Remember, keep checking in here at our Bordner blog for more answers to our FAQS in the coming days.

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