Rev up Your Home’s Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding on a home exterior is usually basic looking when it comes to most residences: horizontally installed with slight overlapping over each successive board, waterfalling from top to bottom. It’s a standard aesthetics practice that doesn’t seem to bother anyone.
But did you know that you can get creative with your house siding?
Vinyl SidingOK, maybe we don’t want to get that creative. But since vinyl siding is the most popular form of cladding, you may as well have fun with it, right? Vinyl siding now comes in different colors, textures, scallops and various-sized strips.
Vinyl Siding
You can mix up vertical and horizontal panels and colors.
Vinyl Siding
Or go north to south all the way.
Vinyl Siding
You can even shuffle between multiple textures.
Vinyl Siding
As you can see, creativity in vinyl siding can make your home more attractive and valuable. If you see anything that strikes you, Bordner can install your latest siding designs.

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