Repairing Hail Damage to Your Roof

Hail Damage

Hail damage is no laughing matter; any penetrations to your roof can result in serious damage to your home’s infrastructure. The sooner roofing issues are identified and repaired by a Kansas City roofing contractor, the sooner you can relax knowing your home is protected from further harm. The longer you wait the greater the damage will become, which results in unnecessarily high repair bills.
How can I tell if my roof is damaged?
Without a professional assessment, or obvious holes or leaks, you might not be able to tell for sure. If your gutters were dented or dinged, there is a good chance your roof was damaged as well. Other signs of hail damage include:

  • black mineral deposits at the base of downspouts
  • new patches of moisture on ceilings after a hail storm
  • any evidence of “dimpling” on your shingles

A damaged roof left untended can compromise your home by causing further issues, such as:

  • leaks
  • wood rot
  • insulation damage
  • mold/mildew
  • energy inefficiency

What will my roof repair entail?
First you will want to contact us at 816-358-2102. As reputable contractors we can help you to work with your home owner’s insurance to make your roof repair as affordable as possible. In many cases, only small repairs are necessary to get your roof back in shape.

Contact us here at Bordner
if you suspect your roof has sustained hail damage. We’re happy to provide references from thousands of satisfied customers.
by Rob Poettgen
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