Recycled Roofing Materials Transformed into “white Cube” Stool

Now here’s a cool new way to put your old roofing materials to good use! A Switzerland-based company called Eternit has joined with area designer Nicolas Le Moigne to create what is being referred to across the blogosphere as the “Trash Cube” stool! It’s made from reclaimed roofing materials that are unused from the production phase. At right around 32 cm x 32 cm x 36 cm, the compact little item could be just the thing to help kick start that New Year’s resolution to go green.
From 3Rings:

Using the armor of exterior siding and roofing materials as the major components of the Trash Cube stool makes it available for indoor or outdoor use.

Bordner encourages you to visit 3Rings to learn all about it!

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