Prevent Summertime Roof Damage

Here in the Kansas City, MO area, summer storms, dry heat and humidity can drag your roof through the trenches. While the fall is typically the best time to do roof repairs, take a proactive approach over the summer to prevent costly repairs later in the year.  Here are some tips from Bordner to avoid summertime roof damage.
1) Clean out gutters and dropouts. Clear gutters allow water to drain, preventing it from backing up on the room after a summer storm.
2) Make sure your roof is ventilating properly. Avoid heat buildup in the attic, which can affect roof performance and decrease your home’s energy efficiency.
3) Clear the roof space by trimming any overhanging branches that could scrape the roof or cut the shingles.
For more tips on how to prevent roof damage, contact Bordner today.
Photo courtesy of DolphinDan

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