Jason Murer, a journalist specializing in the investigation of various cutting edge “green” products recently wrote an article called, “A Cheaper Way to Conserve energy: Ceramic Additives for Paint.” Below are some highlights that touch on just a handful of the benefits he explored.

Energy saving is not only great for the environment but also for the pocket book. We’re all familiar with the typical insulation you put in your attic or walls or investing in costly energy saving systems like radiant heat systems or solar panels. I recently came across a new type of insulation that takes state-of-the-art energy savings to a new level but keeps the costs much lower than any other type of energy saving material. It’s called insulating ceramic paint.
This kind of paint is a highly energy efficient for insulating interior or exterior surfaces. However unlike typical house paint coming in colors, this paint is meant to be added to traditional paint—giving people many color options.
Additional benefits to this kind of additive are:

* High Impact Resistance.
* Resistant to atmospheric pollution.
* Non-toxic & environmentally friendly.
* Highly scrubable on all surfaces.
* Resistant to UV degradation.
* Mildew resistant.
* Rapid drying for quick re-coating.
* Easy cleanup with soap and water.
* Dampens sound.
* Prevents condensation.
* Non-yellowing.
* Highly resistant to salt spray & air pollution.
* Contains safe yet effective Algaecides and mildewcides.
* Chemical and alkali resistant, chemical, high impact resistance to chipping.
Click here to read the entire article.

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