Paint Vs. Vinyl Siding for Your Home’s Exterior

Every homeowner must go through some type of major home renovation at least once during the average 30 year mortgage length. One of the most important overhauls has nothing to do with the inside of the home, but the outside. Your home’s exterior materials protect against rain, snow, heat and more severe weather conditions. So choosing the right material is crucial. But how do you choose when there are so many choices out there? Many homeowners debate between paint and vinyl siding. Here’s a little information from Home Tips Plus about both to help you make an
informed decision.
What’s the condition of your home’s current exterior?
Damaged paint or wood that shows signs of chipping, bubbling, peeling, cracking or molding will certainly need to be repaired.
Paint will be applied to your home’s existing surface. Naturally, any visible defects would need to be fixed before applying a fresh coat of paint. The upside to paint is that there are endless colors to choose from. Some paints can even simulate the look of wood, metal or stone. Other paint benefits include mold resistance, temperature control, and a variety of warranties.
Vinyl Siding
Adding vinyl siding to a home is often the easier choice. Instead of repairing all the problems listed above,vinyl siding simply covers them up. The warranties offered are much lengthier than those available with paint. Vinyl siding also has a number of versatile looks, simulating log, brick, clapboard or stone. Also, insulation can be applied underneath vinyl siding.
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