What makes a home green?

Green homes are becoming more popular with each passing year. Builders and homeowners alike are looking for ways to decrease their impact on our environment and the natural resources around us. But what makes a home green? According to HGTV Pro, there are three main areas of focus that, when combined, make a green house a home.

  1. Material Selection – The materials a builder selects for a home should be either non-toxic or low-toxic and safe for both the home’s occupants and well as the environment. This means that even when such items are disposed of, they will not pollute or threaten the outdoor environment. Materials that are durable, recyclable and waste conscious are crucial here.
  2. Building Performance – Green homes should utilize less water and less energy for heating, cooling and lighting. Moisture resistance and good air quality are very important. The overall goal is the build a home that operates at a lower cost than a home built with traditional materials.
  3. Site Development – Homes built in close proximity to community resources and public transportation are very important in considering whether or not a home is green. Strategic locations allow homeowners to walk to their destinations instead of driving.

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