Keep an Eye out for Tattered Shingles on Roof Peak

Tattered ShinglesEven the sturdiest of roofs can show signs of damage every now and then from expected weathering and wear and tear. That’s’ why Bordner encourages homeowners to periodically check for signs of roof complications early before they turn into more extensive and costly damages. We’ve found that one of the most common areas for damage to occur is right on the roof’s peak. According to a recent article from HGTV, this peak is where the roof’s two angles meet in order to help keep rain and snow from leaking into the house. Because the ridge cap shingle is bent over the roof, it can deteriorate more quickly than the rest of the roof surface.
Because these shingles shield the crowning of the roof, Ridge cap shingles are frequently made of similar material as the roof. Luckily, if the ridge cap shingles are the first to go, they can be replaced instead of replacing the entire roof. Inspect the roof and ridge cap shingles annually for damage.
If you suspect your asphalt ridge caps are damaged or missing, contact Bordner today for a free estimate on repairs.

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