Invest in Blown in Attic Insulation to Reduce Heating Costs This Winter

With winter weather settling in, now is a great time to make sure your home is prepared for the cooler months. The best way to do this is to make sure you have proper attic insulation, as it can retain heat and cut heating bills by up to 10 percent according to the Department of Energy.
While you might be tempted to do the project yourself, here are several reasons why a reputable contractor would be a better choice.

  • One reason to hire a contractor is cost. Many contractors can receive a sizable discount on insulation materials, which will offset labor costs. As a result, you can have a contractor buy and install the insulation for a favorable price.
  • Next, it is safer to hire a contractor to install attic insulation. For one, they can spot hazards in the attic such as frayed wires. In turn, you receive a great job and peace of mind in not having to worry about the hazards associated with installing insulation.

For Kansas City homeowners, one of the best ways to cut heating costs this winter is to have a reputable contractor inspect your home to ensure you have adequate insulation.Bordner can offer you a free consultation that way you can learn more about their services and how much it would cost to make your home ready for the cooler months.

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