Identifying a Bad Roof

Even if you haven’t experienced a roof leak at home, there’s still a possibility that your original roofing was not done correctly. It can take years for evidence of a shoddy roof to show. Besides leaks, here are a few things to look when determining if your roof needs to be replaced or repaired.
Missing or torn shingles – They expose the roof to water damage and rot. They also make adjacent shingles more susceptible to being blown away. Old shingles curl, split and lose their waterproofing effectiveness.
Rusted or missing flashing – This is the metal that surrounds chimneys, skylights, and vent pipes. It’s also used in the valleys where roof sections meet. Rusted or missing flashing often result in leaks.
Deteriorating interior walls and ceilings – Discolored plasterboard, cracked paint, or peeling wallpaper inside the house may indicate a leak you have not discovered yet. Also check for mold or moss, which can signal a roof leak.
Broken roof pieces – Finding broken pieces of roofing in your gutters, downspouts and splash pans can indicate roof damage.
Old roofing – Depending on your roof, it could last far longer than 15 years. However, around this time many roofs start to decay.
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