Why Hire a Professional Roofer?


If you want to avoid costly roof repairs, the National Roofing Contractors Association(NRCA) recommends having your roof inspected twice a year. While you or a handyman can climb on top of your house to look for missing shingles or an overly stressed gutter system, there are a number of other problems that only a professional Kansas City roofing contractor such as Bordner, is qualified to look for.
Common roof problems
The most common problems we will look for include shingles that are cracked, warped or missing; deteriorated flashings and loose seems; gutter debris and downspouts.
Additional services
Roof damage can play a role in structural and aesthetic problems inside your home. Our trustworthy and expert contractors can help you save money by providing comprehensive roof maintenance and repairs as well as installation and repairs to your home’s façade, windows, doors, insulation and more.
Why hire a professional Kansas City roofing contractor
The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors reports that more than 164,000 people go to the emergency room each year from falling off ladders. Without proper experience, homeowners are also at risk of worsening roof problems. We have a 9.78 overall customer satisfaction rating and we ensure safe, long-lasting, cost-efficient repairs.
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