High Performance Windows for Your Home

There are numerous options out there for homeowners who want to replace their windows. There are so many, perhaps, that the variety is overwhelming. Check out these common terms to get a better understanding of your options.

Find the ideal energy efficient windows for your home.

Low-e Coating Low-e (low-emittance) coatings minimize heat flow into and out of your home through layers of metallic oxide put directly onto the glass.  Low-e coatings are most effective in windows with multiple panes. The coated side of the glass faces the interior chamber between the panels. Heat is hindered from passing through either direction.
For more effective protection, the chamber between the panels can be filled with gas. Argon gas is the most common, though Kypton gasis used as well. No,  the gases won’t protect you with Superman-caliber fortitude but they are  pretty impressive. The gases help to reduce heat gain/loss while regulating solar gain.
Tempering Tempering techniques vary (heating, cooling, and chemical processes) but the results are generally the same. Tempered glass is 4-6 times stronger than untreated glass. This means higher resilience, fewer replacements, and protection from the kids next door who like to play baseball in the cul-de-sac.
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Source: EfficientWindows.com

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