Hail Damage Repair for Kansas City Roofs: Faqs

Kansas City RoofsHail storms around this time of year are more common that one would like to think. If a hail storm has recently hit your area, you probably have questions about whether or not your roof was damaged and what steps you need to take to prevent further damage to your home. At Bordner, we regularly receive a wide variety of questions from homeowners trying to figure out exactly what their next steps should be. So we’ve decided to spend the next few weeks exploring the answers to some of those very questions from homeowners in the Kansas City area.
Some of the commonly asked questions include:

  • “I think the recent hail storm may have damaged my roof. How quickly do I need to get it fixed?
  • “Will my insurance agency pay to replace my damaged roof?”
  • “How do I go about selecting the right roofing contractor?”
  • “Why should I choose Bordner?

Visit our page again soon to see the answers to each of the question above explored in-depth. And don’t forget, call Bordner at 816-358-2102 at any time if you suspect your roof may have been damaged. We will quickly send one of our roofing advisors to perform a free analysis of your roof, and advise you of any needed repairs.

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