Got Roof Damage? Don’t Get Duped by Shady Contractors

If you live in the Kansas City area, you are well aware of the severe hail storms we experienced over the weekend.

Was the roof of your home was damaged in any way?  If so, please know that Bordner is here to help you through the process of getting your home repaired. We can do that by installing products that will either prevent or greatly decrease the chances of those same damages from occurring again. Best of all, we help to make the claims process easier for you since dealing with insurances companies can, at times, be a hassle.
Why should you choose Bordner?
1.  We are recommended by the insurance companies because we have continually taken great care of their customers.
2.  We are a local business, operating from Raytown, Missouri for almost a quarter of a century.
3.  We have amassed over 80,000 satisfied customers.  97% would recommend us to family and we are not a storm chaser.
Bordner is among the top roofing companies in the United States.  We have achieved the highest level of certification excellence with the three major shingle manufacturers.  There is no other company in Kansas City with all three.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding how we will work with you to complete your roofing repairs. Please read this and call us at 816-358-2102 if you have any questions.
Why do we ask for your commitment?
It’s simple really.  We take the hassle out of worrying about who to choose for your roof replacement.  We know there are a lot of choices out there, and we also know that unscrupulous contractors and storm chasers will lure you in with false promises.  We see this year in and year out.  We will work on your behalf to get the fair market value for the replacement of your roof.  There is a lot of time involved in working through the claims process.  We need your commitment to justify the time we will spend.
What if I do not have any or enough damage?
First, your insurance company makes the final call as to the scope of the damage and what they are willing to pay for.  We will help them identify damage and problems, but they make the final call.  If there is no damage or if you do not get your roof totaled you will be under no obligation to proceed.
How do I know how much it will cost?
The insurance industry has made it so that pricing is very consistent.  With the pricing leveled, it really comes down to choosing the best contractor to do the job.  If the price is basically the same, why not use the best contractor to do the job?
What if the insurance company does not pay enough to replace my roof?
If you have a replacement cost policy, your insurance company is obligated to pay the fair market value for the replacement of your roof.  Usually, if there is a pricing discrepancy, we can work it out with the insurance company.  Discrepancies usually occur when something is not properly accounted for on the estimate.  We are trained to make sure that everything is accurately accounted for.  We can almost always replace your roof for the price the insurance company sets, or we can work out the difference.
How can I be sure that I am not getting taken advantage of?
We will provide you with a written contract with our total price and how that compares to the total insurance pricing.  Taking advantage of our customers is simply bad business.  At Bordner, we have built our business by taking great care of our customers.  Over 75% of our business is from referrals.  Despite our industry being characterized by contractors who last for a couple of years, then go out of business, we have managed to deliver the highest levels of service and installation excellence for almost a QUARTER OF A CENTURY! The future success of our business is dependent on us taking great care of you!
What about my deductible?  Some contractors say they will pay mine.
You should be careful when a contractor promises to pay your deductible.  You could be participating in insurance fraud, a felony offense. Your contractor may not tell you the full story on what he is doing.  Here’s how it works.  Most homeowner’s policies state that you are responsible for the cost of your deductible if you have a claim.  The insurance industry has implemented safeguards to prevent policyholders from choosing the cheapest contractor they can find, then pocketing the balance of their insurance money.  Most insurance companies will give you a portion of your claim up front.  Then they will pay the balance on the back end based off a final invoice from the contractor.  For example, say your insurance company comes out and agrees that the damage warrants replacement of your roof.  They will plug the measurements and characteristics of the roof into a program and it will generate a price to replace your roof.  Say $10,000.00.  That pricing is based on market pricing and is generally not subject to change.  Your insurance company will then assess depreciation on your roof, and they will hold this back.  Say they depreciate 30% off.  They will also usually take off your deductible at this time as well.  Say your deductible is $1000.  You will get a check for $6,000.00.

Claim – $10,000
Less Depreciation – $3,000.00 – (Recoverable upon completion and final invoice)
Less Deductible – $1,000.00
Up Front Payment – $6,000.00 or the ACV portion
So you have $6,000.00 plus you can get another $3,000.00 upon completion with a final invoice.  Here’s the problem.  If your contractor submits a final invoice of $9,000.00, then the insurance company will only pay you up to $9,000.00 of the claim.
Up Front Payment – $6,000.00
Deductible – $1,000.00
Depreciation – $2,000.00
Final Invoice $9,000.00

That means you will only get $2,000.00 of the $3,000.00 of depreciation.  (Remember that deductible?)  That extra $1,000.00 is your portion of the claim.  If your contractor submits a final invoice for $10,000.00, then you will get the full $3,000.00 but the checks that you actually have in hand will be $9,000.00.  If your contractor tells you to forget about the extra $1,000.00, they have just committed fraud.  Fraud occurs when a person lies or misrepresents the truth in order to claim a benefit that is not due to him. Often, the benefit is a monetary one.

Just remember these six important steps:

  1. Look for out-of-state license plates. Scam artists jump at the chance to take your money and then leave before the work is completed.
  2. Don’t participate in insurance fraud. Contractors who reimburse you for your deductible or those who don’t charge you for it could be committing insurance fraud. If you agree, you could be participating in the fraud.
  3. Ask to see Certificates of Insurance for worker’s compensation, liability coverage, and completed operations coverage.
  4. Review their warranties. Not only the product warranty but also the contractor’s warranty on the installation.
  5. Ask for references and make sure you call them.
  6. Check Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau for reports of fraudulent or sub-standard work.

Don’t forget to call Bordner at 816-358-2102 if you have any questions.
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