Five Fundamentals of Home Improvement

If you’re not sure whether your house could undergo a bit of upgrading or not, consider these fundamental elements to a great-looking exterior: The Five Ds. Don’t worry, “demolition” is not one of them– but keep it mind to be the sixth “D” if the first five fail!
Once you go over the Five Ds, you’ll be in a position to determine your next move in home improvement.
The first– and last– thing everyone will notice about your home is how well it looks as a whole, from a distance. Curb appeal is paramount, from the integrity of exterior structures to immaculate landscaping.
Do a little comparison against your neighbors’ homes. How does yours size up? Do neighboring homes have upgrades that improved their value? Think about performing the same improvements to your house…
… but make your home different, too. Sounds contradictory, right? Set yourself apart from the rest via the main features of the house. If your neighbor recently replaced his roof with traditional shingles, redo your roof with architectural shingles.
Don’t go too far off the deep end of distinction. Keep it so others will have an interest in what you’ve “done to the place.” Find out what people are looking for in a home, by flipping through design magazines.
You’ll want to see benefits and added value through your improvements. If an ROI won’t roll your way as a result of a project, don’t undertake it.
If you’ve decided upon overhauling your home or need assistance making a decision, Bordner can help you with that.
Photo source: Puzzle Pieces Design Studio

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