The Five Ds of Home Improvement

Great Curb Appeal Helps Your Home Stand Out

With an understanding of The Five Ds of Home Improvement, you should be in a good position to sort out the advice you’ll get from contractors, neighbors, magazines and family members when contemplating home renovations.
Distance – the importance of curb appeal
View your house from the street to get the most accurate first- and last-impression people have of your home. Keeping your home exterior well-maintained can be a good reflection of what’s on the inside. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to the condition of a home.
Deficiency – how your home compares to others
It’s important to be aware of your home’s shortcomings when you’re deciding whether to undertake a home remodeling project, since obvious deficiencies can lower your home value. Compare your home to similar ones in your area to find out where you can make improvements, and make sure you do so with an objective eye.

Distinctiveness – what makes your home different

What are the main features you describe when asked about your home? Every home should have characteristics that make it memorable when viewed alongside similar homes, especially when it comes time to sell in a competitive housing market. Houses generally appraise for more value if they have two or three special features that make them stand out.
Demand – will your improvements interest others
Often homeowners confuse “off the wall” with “distinctive.” You want to be memorable in ways that will appeal to a wide group of people. Take an afternoon and look through some of the latest home interior magazines or tour a model home or two. If the experts aren’t including a feature, its appeal is probably limited.
Degree – weighing the benefits
Consider the benefits of the home improvement project. If you won’t see a return on your investment, don’t undertake it. Also be careful not to overdo it. Over-improving can cost you time and money. At the same time, small problems can become big expenses if overlooked, so make sure to take care of anything that may be a sign of bigger problems in the future.

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