Our Exterior Stone and Stucco Offerings

If the exterior of your home is in need of a facelift, we hope you’ll consider letting Bordner bring it back to life with one of our many stone and stucco offerings. In general, we offer four different options:

Acrylic Finishes
If a truly maintenance free exterior is desired, Bordner can apply an acrylic finish coat instead of paint. It is synthetic stucco and is available in a variety of colors and textures. After the masonry stucco has dried and cured, acrylic is troweled onto and over the base coat in lieu of paint. To change the color of your house in the future, normal house paint or Elastomeric paint can be applied over the acrylic finish.
Sculptured Trim
The exterior appearance of a home can be enhanced, while maintaining or improving its durability (even during the Kansas City Metro area’s varied weather changes) through the use of maintenance-free, sculptured trim. Sculptured trim includes window trim, quoins, keystones, decorative crown mold, or just about anything that can be done with wood trim siding. It is more cost effective over time, because repainting and replacing any rotted materials becomes unnecessary.
Cultured Stone
Cultured stone is another wonderful option for enhancing the exterior appearance of your home regardless of whether it is old or new, or where you live in the Kansas City metro area. Cultured stone costs considerably less than natural stone, and is available in a large variety of colors and styles. It can be installed in areas where natural stone cannot, due to its lighter weight. Cultured stone is applied over metal lath just like stucco siding. With a felt paper backing there is no need for a brick ledge or other type of bottom support. The stone’s light weight makes it ideal for interior work on walls, around fireplaces, and in outside cook places, without the support generally required for natural stone. Cultured stone provides an excellent upgrade to the look of your home at an affordable cost.
Conventional Stucco
When it comes to conventional stucco, Bordner uses a one-coat stucco system. This type of stucco is cost-effective and lightweight, offering greater flexural strength, higher impact resistance, and faster installation than other conventional stucco options. It excels at keeping moisture out, enhancing weather resistance, and maintaining long-term appearance.
Sto Worldwide, the maker of this type of stucco, combines the best of engineered fiber-reinforced cement stucco with technologically advanced elastomeric finishes to create a stucco cladding that is superior to traditional, field-mixed sand, lime and cement. They also offer StoGuard®, a waterproofing/air barrier component that is an innovative, spray-applied building wrap that has significant advantages over paper and fabric building wraps including superior water penetration and air leakage resistance.
StoPowerwall™ is available in a wide variety of popular color collections or custom tints, and offers excellent color uniformity. With smooth coatings, a variety of textured finishes and more than 1,000,000 tint formulas readily available to distributors via the internet, StoPowerwall enables incredible custom design options and color selection.

For more information about our stone and stucco offerings or to request an estimate, call us at 816-303-0510 today!
Photo from Cultured Stone

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