Energy Efficiency Summer Check-up

Energy EfficiencyAs summer is now underway, it’s a good idea to make sure that your home is being efficient with its energy usage. Cool air should not be escaping, and warm air should not be entering the house. Now would be a good time to do an insulation check-up, before running your A/C at full blast… and before your utility bills get too high!
– Check your home for drafts. If air is leaking out, you A/C will run longer than it needs to. Use weatherstripping and caulking in airy spaces.
– Turn off the A/C when you’re not at home. It requires more energy to maintain the climate of a house than it does to re-cool it back to the desired temperature.
– Whenever possible, run fans to cool down. A fan uses one-tenth the amount of energy that an air conditioner does.
– When the outside temperature is cooler, wash and dry clothes at night.
If you follow these tips, your utility bill will thank you!
Photo source: Virginia Beach

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