Eliminating Frosty Roof Nails

Have you ever climbed up into your attic in the wintertime and looked up at the ceiling only to notice tiny icicles hanging off nail tips that are poking through the roof sheathing? Chances are that if you live in a cold enough climate, the answer is probably yes. While they seem harmless enough, the truth is that they can actually cause more problems than you think.
This initially happens when the heat inside your home is turned on and the warm, moist air produced makes its way into your attic. When it hits the cold ceiling and condenses, it eventually freezes on the icy tips if roof nails. If this goes ignored for several months, the seepage can eventually reduce the effectiveness of your insulation and boost the growth of mold.
Bordner encourages you to treat this as soon as you can using the tips below, courtesy of This Old House.

– First, seal off any openings for air to leak into the attic. Maybe a bathroom fan isn’t venting outside or the pull-down attic stairway needs weatherstripping or the light-fixture boxes aren’t sealed. A home-energy specialist with a thermographic imaging device can pinpoint many small leaks you can’t see.
– Second, try reducing moisture levels in the house by turning on exhaust fans when bathing and vent fans when cooking.
– Third, make sure the attic is well ventilated so that any moist air that gets past your defenses has a way to escape. Soffit and ridge vents are more effective ventilators than fans, and they don’t use any energy. If you already have these vents, make sure they aren’t being blocked by insulation.

For more information on keeping your roof in the best shape possible this winter, contact Bordner today.
Photo Credit: Atlas Roofing

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