Eight Signs You Need New Windows

Your home’s window frames look OK. When it rains, you don’t get wet. The temperature in your home seems all right throughout the year. Yet, still, your window panes could be problematic for your household. Perhaps it is time to have those looked at.
There could be one or many reasons why your house windows should be replaced. Here are eight signs to lookout for, and solutions:
1.) You have single-paned windows, which increase your energy bill. Installing double-paned, triple-paned or gas-filled windows can maximize resistance to thermal conductivity and decrease your utility bill.
2.) The panes are chipped, cracked or etched. Heat loss can occur even with the tiniest infractions. Replace the biggest windows first, if on a budget.
3.) There is visible corrosion of the caulking. This must be redone– otherwise mold, rot and condensation will settle in.
4.) You desire more privacy. Consider window panes with a reflective coating to keep out watchful eyes.
5.) Flying debris is a concern because you live in a high-wind area. In case of collision, windows with interior membranes or exterior coatings keep shattered glass in place.
6.) Leakage is occurring in multi-paned windows. Climate and window direction affect the life of a seal, so replace windows with leaks.
7.) Energy Star rebates on replacement windows are advantageous to you. Bordner can help you select Energy Star-rated windows.
8.) You wish to have blinds in between panes for controlling light. Windows with remote-operated panels provide privacy and thermal protection.
Call Bordner to have your window panes replaced professionally. It’s an investment that will save you money in the long run!
Photo source: Home Improvement Articles; Omega; HCI

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