Dressing Windows to save Energy

Energy efficient windows are the way to go when it comes to reducing your utilities bills in both summer and winter. Bordner is always on-hand to replace old windows or configure new fittings in any home. These types of windows are an investment– but worth it in the long run.
However, if you don’t have energy-saving windows yet but would still like to minimize the cost of regulating the house temperature, there is a budget-friendly fix: windows treatments.
Energy efficient window coverings have the ability to keep in heat during winter, keep out heat during summer. Also, the decor enhances the overall mood and look of your home!
A few factors must be considered when choosing insulating window dressings– depending on the climate and season. There are three types of thermal window treatments:
1.) those that decrease heat loss and heat gain. These year-round options do it all, from cellular and honeycomb shades to window film and external shutters.
2.) those that stop heat loss in the fall and winter only. Window films and pleated shades provide a heat-trapping effect, as well as interior storm windows.
3.) those that absorb and shade solar heat in the spring and summer only. Outdoor roller shades, awnings and heat-control window film can reduce home cooling costs significantly.
Many of these window treatments are inexpensive and easy to install. When you are ready to go all the way with energy efficient windows, call Bordner for an estimate.
Photo source: The Blind Alley

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