Don’t Forget Roof Repair and Maintenance

When was the last time your roof was inspected? Ignoring problems with your roof will not only further damage it, but can also open your home up to a range of other problems, from water damage to mold. Keeping your roof in perfect working order is very important, and at Bordner, our skilled roofing service team helps you do just that.
From fixing and replacing shingles to repairing roof fixtures like window pans, plumbing vents, and chimney flashing, we do it all. We repair both steep slope and low slope roofs, as well as flat roofs. Not only is our team experienced in roof repair, but we also back up our work with our Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you’re looking or a Kansas City roofing company, contact us today to set up your free analysis and roof repair estimate. To learn more about our other home improvement services, visit Bordner.
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