Would You Donate Your Roof to Be Recycled into Road Pavement?

Did you know that it’s estimated that disposing of one roof produces an estimated three tons of waste (the equivalent to one year’s worth of household waste)? Luckily, thanks to a new green initiative being carried out by a few select roofing companies across the country, homeowners now have the option of recycling their old asphalt roofs into road pavement. According to EcoNews, the recycling of shingles also cuts down on the cost and resources needed to pave roads.

From EcoNews:

First, homeowners and their roofing contractor agree to donate old asphalt roofing. Once the old shingles are dropped off a machine grinds the shingles into a fine powder to be used in pavement…. recycling centers have been set up in Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

Bordner is considering becoming a participant of this green initiative but would like feedback from our readers first: Would you donate your roof to be recycled into pavement? Leave us a comment and tell us why or why not!
Photo Credit: EcoNews

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