Choosing a Roof Color for Your Brick Home

If you own a brick home, choosing your roof color is a critical part in conveying how your home will appear to others. Some brick shades blend well with certain roof shades while others may clash unpleasantly. Here are some tips from Sensational Color about choosing the right roof color for your brick home:
1. Identify the main color and cast color of your brick. Sure, the brick may look red to you, but it’ll often have a cast (tint) of another color like brown, tan, pink, white or gray. Knowing the cast colors will help to identify what roof shade will blend nicely.
2. Bricks with a gray cast pair well with tiles that are cooler hues with hints of gray.
3. For white cast bricks, a medium colored roof that includes similar shades of the home’s brick would work very well.
For all its subtle differences, brick is virtually the same, whether made across time or around the world. The real differences are found in the unique expressions of those who use them.” says the Brick Industry Association. By tuning into not only the color of your brick but also the color cast you can be sure you’ll select a roof color that plays up the beauty of your brick home.
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