How to Choose an Exterior Color Scheme

Color Scheme

Curb appeal is one of your home’s best assets, which is why it is important that you carefully select an exterior color scheme for your house.  Consider how all of the colors of your materials will coordinate, from roofing, siding, doors, and trim to landscaping and hardscaping.   In addition, the palette that you choose for your home’s exterior can also make an impact on your neighbors’ homes that surround the property.  To make this task less daunting, Houzz offers several tips for choosing an exterior color scheme for your home:

  • Consider the components of your home’s exterior that would be the hardest to change and be sure that the color scheme that you choose works well with these elements.
  • To best capture the home’s true architectural style, consider using colors from the home’s era.
  • Stick to no more than three paint shades for your color scheme: a dominating field color, an accent color, and a trim color.
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Owens Corning even has a shingle color selector, the Color Compass.

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