How to Choose the Best Type of Stucco for Your Home

So you’ve decided to use stucco instead of vinyl as the siding for your latest home renovation project.  Its durable and long-lasting properties make it the perfect siding option for this particular home since you’ve already got a color in mind that you’d like for the home to be and stucco can be easily tinted. But what’s the best type of stucco to use? There are two types to choose from: cement mix stucco and exterior insulation and finish systems. Here’s a bit about each from
Cement Mix Stucco
When stucco was originally introduced, it was in a cement-based form. It is mixed much like cement with Portland Cement, sand and water. This type of stucco is very durable and can hold up to pretty harsh environments. While it is porous, this type of stucco dries quickly without any water damage.

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems
EIFS wasn’t introduced until the 1950s and is a synthetic type of stucco. While it is often confused with the original cement based stucco, EIFS is not cement-based at all. This consists mainly of a foam insulated board covered with a special finish that resembles stucco.

Depending on your location, either one of these types of stucco finished could be the perfect exterior siding for your home. Contact Bordner today to find out more about what type of siding is best for your home.
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