Can Green Home Improvements Raise Home Value?

Green home design and energy efficiency have been on the forefront of the home improvement industry for a while now, but according to a recent study, green home design may have a definitive economic value for your home.
Building Online reports that researchers from University of California’s Berkeley and Los Angeles campuses have found a connection between “green labels”- like LEED, Energy Star, and GreenPoint certification- and increased home values. The study found that for single-family homes in California, a green home label adds on average 9 percent to the price. Homes with these labels sell for an average of $34,800 higher than comparable homes which lack the green label.
While the study was conducted only on California homes, it’s not unlikely that further research will reveal similar correlations in other markets. Another finding from the study was that home buyers were willing to pay more for green label homes in hotter climates, which makes sense considering the lower energy costs required to keep the home cool. It’s clear that the practical benefits of green homes, namely lower operating costs, are catching on with many home owners.
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