The Benefits of a Stone or Stucco Home

If vinyl siding for your home’s exterior isn’t your cup of tea, have you considered stone or stucco?
The benefits of a stone or stucco home:
Easy Installation – Stone or stucco can be installed over many existing siding products. In other cases, siding can be easily removed to make room for new stucco over your home’s sub-wall.
Durability – Stone and stucco are both much more durable than any vinyl siding option.
Affordable – If you’ve considered vinyl siding, you’ll be happy to know that stone and stucco are comparable in price, but offer a much more reliable end product.
Resistant – Stone and stucco stand up against fire, rotting, termites, and extreme weather conditions.
Flexibility – If you already have a stone or stucco exterior, you can beautify it even more by adding a foam trim or a stucco acrylic finish. In some cases, stone and stucco can also be added to the interior of a home.
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Since every home is not suitable for stone and/or stucco, call Bordner in Kansas City at816-303-0510 to request an inspection and consultation.
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