Benefits of Cool Metal Roofing in the Summer

As record temperatures soar this summer, especially here in Missouri, it’s important to reduce energy use and costly spending where possible—otherwise cooling bills can get pretty expensive! If you’re a homeowner in the market to renovate or replace your existing roof this summer, cool metal roofing should be at the top of your list for saving money, contributing to energy waste reduction, and style selection. After all, the cooling benefits of metal are endless and so are the savings possibilities. Plus, when you consider the fact that buildings account for more than two-thirds of national electricity consumption and more than one-third of total primary energy use, making yours more efficient with a metal roof looks like more of a great idea with each passing moment.
Here are just a few of the benefits of metal roofing from the Metal Roofing Alliance:

  • Metal Roofing reduces cooling and heating energy usage, sometimes up to 40% in certain geographical regions.
  • You have choices between reflective, highly emissive cool metal roofs, pre-painted, granular coated, unpainted, and more.
  • For homes in regions where the summers are more extreme, certain brands of cool metal roofing can not only deflect heat absorption in the attic, but also re-emit most solar radiation up to 90%!

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